A ‘Shourya Chakra’ awardee, Balbir Singh Sandhu gunned down

  •  The Punjab Government withdrew Police protection of Balbir Singh Sandhu, last year.
  • Since Punjab is ruled by Congress, the Khalistan terrorism is on the rise. This incident is irrefutable proof of it.

Amritsar (Punjab) – Balbir Singh Sandhu, 62 fought with Khalistan terrorists for the last 30 years. The Government honoured him with ‘Shourya Chakra’.  Two gunmen came on a motorbike and gunned down Balbir Singh Sandhu at his residence at Bhikhivind in TaranTaaran District. Balbir Singh Sandhu’s wife claimed that the Khalistani terrorists killed her husband. The Government had removed his Police protection, last year.

Khalistani terrorists attacked Balbir Singh Sandhu 16 times in groups of 20 to 200. Balbir and his family countered every attack. Two hundred Khalistan terrorists had attacked Balbir Singh Sandhu’s home with rocket launchers on 30th September 1990.