Pakistan’s conspiracy to carry out sabotage in Hindu-majority areas of J&K during festivals ! – Intelligence agencies

  • This proves that terrorists are jihad-minded and their target is always Hindus. Not a single so-called progressive, political party such as Congress, Communist and media ever protests against the threats received by Hindus.
  • Hindus are not expected to celebrate Hindu festivals under the shadow of terrorism under BJP rule. To change this situation, the Government needs to eliminate jihadi terrorism.

New Delhi – A conspiracy has been hatched by Pakistan to carry out sabotage in Hindu-majority areas of Jammu and Kashmir during the festive season, A TV news channel ‘Times Now’ reported, citing intelligence sources.

According to this information, Al-Badr and Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorists are being given special training to attack Hindu-majority areas in Jammu and Kashmir. Indian troops have thwarted two attempts to smuggle arms from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir to Jammu and Kashmir this week.