Ridiculous claim, ‘We are withdrawing the ad-campaign for the safety concerns of our staff, officers, and others’

‘Tanishq Jewellery’ attempts to project Hindus as atrocious while withdrawing the ‘Love Jihadi’ ad campaign !

Hindus never take the law into hands when their religion, Deities, religious places, and sacred places are hurled with affront and attacks. Despite the attempt of ‘Tanishq’ to claim that Hindus will instigate violence, Hindus must tackle this by protests in a legal manner.

New Delhi – ‘Tanishq’ a brand owned by the Tata Group, promoted ‘Love Jihad’ in one of its advertisements. When a large group of Hindus registered the protest, the management withdrew the advertisement. However, they did not show the courtesy to say sorry to the Hindus. ‘Tanishq’ published a statement claiming that the Hindus are a violent community. The statement says, “We intended to show unity and harmony in these challenging times. We are sad to notice the exact opposite reactions”. The statement concludes, ‘Given serious concerns about the safety of our staff, officers, and partners, we are withdrawing the advertisement campaign’.

In this statement, the ‘Tanishq’ did not say, ‘this advertisement was a mistake and hurt the feelings of Hindus. We sincerely apologise’. They tried to project Hindus as insensitive people.

‘Tanishq’ will face the brunt of opposition by Hindus

Hindus decided to continue the dissent lawfully, ‘Tanishq’ may experience permanent monetary loss.

The outcry of Hindus against the ‘Love Jihad’ ad campaign affected the ‘Tanishq’ share price. ‘Tanishq’ shares plummeted by 2.58% and the net worth reduced by 2,700 crores rupees, as per media reports.