Pakistan treats citizens of PoK like animals !

PoK activist puts forth atrocities on the citizens of PoK at UNHRC !

  • Would Pakistan lovers in India speak about it ? Those who are fed by India but still pledge loyalty to Pakistan would ever understand this mentality of Pakistan ?
  • If PoK citizens are tolerating atrocities to this level, then why didn’t they revolt or seek help from India ?’

Geneva (Switzerland) – Pakistan is treating citizens of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) like animals. Pakistan has taken away our freedom and is suppressing our voice. But we believe that our voice will be hears, said activist Sajjad Raja in United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC). He broke down to tears at this time. He pleaded that, ‘UNHRC should take lead to stop these atrocities.’

Sajjad Raja added,

  • Under the ‘Azad Jammu & Kashmir Election Act’ all constitutional, civil and political rights of citizens of PoK have been withdrawn.
  • We are declared as traitors in our own home for defending our rights. Our political activities are declared illegal.  Pakistan Army gets free hand to kill our people.
  • Pakistan is raging anger of youngsters in Jammu-Kashmir on both the sides of the border. They are being prepared to fight against India.
  • Pakistan shelters the terrorists in PoK and terrorist activities are carried out from here.