A seller of producer ‘Shriram Chicken Masala’ tenders apology after a protest by Hindus

Agrees to change the name of the product and withdraw it from the market

  • Congratulations to the Hindus who are protesting legally to stop the insult to the Deities. Hindus everywhere should follow this example.
  • Hindus oppose in a legal way, while the religious fanatics resort to violence by taking law in hand. Still, the secularists and progressives call Hindus ‘Taliban’ and remain silent about the religious fanatics.

Bikaner (Rajasthan) – The Bikaner Brahman community in Bikaner carried out gherao of the owner of Shriram Industry, a chicken masala maker by the name of Shriram, and forced him to withdraw the name of the product. After the siege, the owner admitted his mistake and burned the packings. He also agreed to recall products of this name in the market. He also apologised to all Hindus. “We will atone for this unintentional mistake,” he said.