‘Mangalam Camphor’ product advertisement insults Lord Shriram

Even after the construction of the Shriram temple in Ayodhya began, the denigration of Lord Shriram and other Deities by various means continues in the country. The Government should make a law to stop such denigrations !

(The above picture is not intended to hurt anyone’s religious feelings. This picture has been published for information. – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)

Mumbai – Shriram’s insult is still going on by showing Prabhu Shriramji taking selfie in the advertisement of ‘Mangalam Camphor’ by the establishment, in Kumbhiwali, district Raigad, which produces and sells camphor. The devout Hindus have been opposing it through a legitimate ways for a few months, yet this establishment has not removed this advertisement. In the advertisement, a person who is taking a selfie, is reminded by his mother to get camphor, over the phone. Seeing the costume of the man, the shopkeeper gives him ‘Mangalam Camphor’ kept in the vault, later both take their selfies with camphor.

The Hindus, whose religious sentiments have been hurt by this advertisement, are protesting to the following contacts.

Contact number : (022) 49204089

[email protected] 

Protest anti-national and Hindu malevolent incidents through legal means

The purpose of protests by Hindus is to change the views of those people. When opposing anyone, follow the legal means. The fight is at the thought level. Adopt an expansive attitude of making individuals aware of their mistakes.