‘If you stand with Islam then you can become IAS and IPS officers’ – Dr. Zakir Naik’s bizarre advise to Muslims

Many people from minority communities in the country are becoming IAS and IPS officers. What will happwn if some of them really follow the advice of Dr. Zakir Naik ! The Government should take it seriously !

Dr. Zakir Naik

New Delhi – If you wish to become an IAS or IPS officer, you must support Islam. This advice is put forth for all Muslims by the ideal of terrorists, Dr. Zakir Naik through a video. Dr. Zakir Naik is in Malaysia now and he released the video from there.

  1.  In this video, a person asks a question to Dr. Zakir, ‘Is it possible to become an IAS or IPS officer ?’ Dr. Zakir answered, ‘It is difficult but not impossible. If a Muslim person becomes an officer, he will be afraid of his fellow workers. When his colleagues act in an objectionable manner to Islam and Paigambar, will he resist them ? Will you have the courage ? If you are a coward and shy do not take up such jobs. If you can protest and are a straight forward person, you will progress. If you are a powerful individual and can confront the criticism of non-Muslims, and do not accept bribes, then you can take up these jobs.’
  2.  In this video, Dr. Zakir cited examples of Muslim officers unable to stick to the rules of Islam.
  3. He alleged that not all but most IPS officers are corrupt. If anyone is an honest person, he too must become a corrupt one or leave the job. The job environment is such that if you do not collude with others, they will make your life miserable.