The French magazine Charlie Hebdo republished a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad

Paris (France) – French magazine Charlie Hebdo has once again published a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad. The same caricature led to a horrific terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo’s office in 2015. Twelve people in Charlie Hebdo’s office, including the cartoonist, were killed.

The magazine decided to republish the cartoon a day before the trial of the terrorist attack began in a French court. A case will be filed against 14 people in this case. The cartoon, published by Charlie Hebdo, shows the Prophet Muhammad holding a bomb instead of a turban, with the caption, ‘So much for this one cartoon’. The editors of this magazine have stated in their editorial that they were publishing these photographs as per the demand of the readers.

We have the freedom of the media  – President of France

French President Emmanuel Macron said, “I would not comment on the caricature published by this magazine. It is not appropriate for the President to react to an editorial in a magazine because the freedom of the media is paramount in France. However, citizens should respect each other and stay away from hate speech”.