Indian soldiers thrash 500 Chinese soldiers attempting intrusion at Pangong lake in Ladakh

No loss of life !

  • China was preparing to intrude since last 2 months !
  • Aiming at war China is provoking India in such ways and then getting thrashed by Indian soldiers ! To stop these provocative attempts of China India should now be aggressive and attack China in its land ! India should now accept that, ‘Aggression itself is the best way of protection’!

Leh (Ladakh) –  Indian and Chinese soldiers again confronted in East Ladakh. In the midnight of 29th August Chinese soldiers attempted to intervene from the south border of the lake. In a response to this, Indian soldiers forced the 500 Chinese soldiers go back. India has now increased the number of soldiers in this area. After this confrontation, Brigade Commanders of both the countries had a meeting in Chushul village. Indian army said that, ‘Indian army is committed to maintaining peace and tranquillity through dialogue but is also equally determined to protect its territorial integrity.’ It is clear from the pictures from satellites that China was attempting this intrusion activity since last 2 months.

  1. Before this, there were Indian and Chinese soldier’s clashes on 15th June in Galwan Valley. It is said that 20 Indian soldiers were martyred and more than 40 Chinese soldiers were killed.
  2. Even before these clashes there were several discussions between Indian and Chinese army; however the border tension has not at all reduced. Chinese soldiers are not ready retreat from East Ladakh.
  3. India has taken the clear stand that the situation before April should be brought to status-quo. Along with the army officers, the foreign affair ministers of both the countries are also holding several discussions with each other simultaneously. It had been finalised in the discussion that the Chinese troops would retreat from the East Ladakh; however the decision does not seem to be implemented.

Indian Navy deploys warships in South China Sea

Indian Navy has deployed warships in South China Sea on the backdrop of clashes incurred in Galwan Valley. The US has already deployed 2 aircraft warships here. China is constructing artificial islands in this ocean and deploying soldiers since 2009. Through this, China is clearly aiming ahead in its goal of expansion. This is leading to clashes between China and its neighbouring countries.

Significance of Pangong lake and China’s intrusion

  1. Pangong Tso region is a scenic beauty of east Ladakh. It is one of the popular tourist attractions as well. Both India and China have borders passing through this lake. 45 kms of this lake is under India’s control, while the rest of the part is under China’s control. Currently since China has intruded till ‘Finger 4’, the Finger region on the north bank of the Pangong lake has become the key point.
  2. Pangong lake is situated at an elevation 14,500 ft. This lake has 8 mountains in the shape of fingers of hand. India- China border tension is between Finger 4 to Finger 8.  Region till Finger 4 comes under India’s control. Soldiers of both the countries patrol from Finger 4 to Finger 8.
  3. China has constructed road till Finger 4. Indian army has its base close to the bank of the lake. Indian soldiers walk through Finger 4 till 8 for patrolling. Chinese troops have come forward till Finger 4 after 5th May. Due to this intrusion of China, India is facing restrictions for patrolling till Finger 8. Finger 4 to Finger 8 covers the distance of 4 kms altogether.  China has built permanent bunkers, pillboxes and observation posts in this area. Pulling down all these constructions and moving back these Chinese troops to their original positions at Finger 8 is an important part of releasing the border tensions; ‘it is however not easy’ said an official.