23 Congress leaders write a letter to Sonia Gandhi for sweeping reforms in the party

Before carrying out sweeping reforms in Congress, it is necessary to change its anti-Hindu mentality. Similarly, it should also make atonement for the anti-national and anti-Hindu decisions taken so far by the party. After this, Congress should make efforts to create undivided India and declare it as the ‘Hindu Rashtra (Nation). Since all these things are not possible for Congress to carry out, it will be obliterated soon from the history of the country.

New Delhi – A key internal meeting of the Congress tomorrow will discuss a letter written by 23 top leaders of the party including 5 former Chief Ministers that has pointed to the deep crisis within and sought sweeping reforms. The letter, signed by senior leaders like Kapil Sibal, Shashi Tharoor, Ghulam Nabi Azad, Prithviraj Chavan, Vivek Tankha and Anand Sharma, pointed to the steady decline of the party as the country faces its “gravest political, social and economic challenges since Independence”. While calling for a “full-time”, “visible” leadership, the letter also praised the leadership provided by the Gandhis over the years.

The letter also called for an “honest introspection”, suggested a “collective leadership”, and stressed that the “youth are losing confidence” in the party.  The list of suggested reforms includes decentralisation of power, empowerment of state units and organisational elections at every level, sources said.

Focussing on the erosion of Congress’ support, especially among the youth, the letter mentioned the rise of the BJP and Sangh Parivar’s “communal and divisive agenda”. The signatories argued that the party’s revival is imperative at a time when the country faces the “gravest political, social and economic challenges since Independence”.

The letter, dated August 7, called for elections to pick the members of the Working Committee – the highest decision-making body of the party. The process of election, which was the norm earlier, has recently been replaced by nomination from the party chief.