Mosque, an obstruction in the construction of a second air-strip at Kolkata airport

No response from Bengal Government to relocate mosque to another place.

  • There is no value for human life during the tenure of Trinamul Congress regime in Bengal. If someone dies, it is ok, but there should be no harm to the minorities and their religious places. It seems as if this type of mentality is helping the Government to administer. Will the so-called progressives speak on this topic ?
  • It should be noted that if a temple would have been there in place of mosque, then the Government would have taken immediate action and Hindus would not have even opposed it ! 
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Kolkata – After the unfortunate incident of airplane accident in Kozhikode (Kerala), steps are being taken to stop such incidents in future. Such incidents can be avoided by maintaining a gap in front of the air strip. In Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose airport in Kolkata, recommendations have been made to leave some place in front of the airstrip. But a Mosque has become an obstacle for starting the work. The Airport Authority has requested the Bengal Government to shift the Mosque to another place. However, the Trinamul Congress Government is not co-operating on this issue, according to the Airport Authority.

Construction of second airstrip in the Kolkata airport can minimise the usage of a single airstrip. Increase of the big airplanes in this airport stresses the need for a second airstrip. Shifting of the Mosque will help to increase the length of the airstrip from 800 to 900 meters. The main reason for the Kozhikode accident is that, there was no place for stopping the plane in front of the airstrip, which resulted in the plane falling into a valley.