Pakistan providing training to Rohingya terrorists in Myanmar

This incident makes it clear again that to destroy anti-India jihadi terrorism, destroying Pakistan is extremely necessary !

New Delhi – According to information received from sources, Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI is now training terrorists in Myanmar as well. This is a conspiracy by Pakistan to keep India busy in countering the terrorist activities on the Eastern border of India.

Dr. Siegfried O Wolf, Research-Director of ‘South Asia Democratic Forum’, in Brussels said that 40 Rohingyas are being trained in terrorism by the ‘Jamaat ul Mujahideen Bangladesh’ (JMB). This organisation wants to create instability there, by attacking other countries similar to terrorist acts taking place in India and Afghanistan.

Bangladesh security expert Abdul Rashid says, “For some time, fundamentalist Rohingyas tried to create violence here; however, we banned them. Pakistan is trying to destabilise India by helping terrorist organisations. In this situation, Bangladesh has been helping India.

According to Bangladesh Foreign Minister Shahriar Alam, there was an attempt to spread radicalism in Bangladesh; however, it did not get much success.

According to the Army officials in Myanmar, the ‘Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army’, a terrorist organisation of Rohingyas operating along the border of Bangladesh and Myanmar, has intensified its operations. Pakistan is helping it continuously. This ‘Army’ head is a Pakistani and has links with Saudi Arabia. This organisation has modern weapons. This organisation has received training from Pakistan’s terrorist organisation ‘Tehreek-e-Taliban’.

Pakistan has hatched a conspiracy to keep India busy in countering the terrorist activities on the Eastern border of India !