Financial assistance from Gulf countries to incite Delhi riots ! – Delhi Police

  • How come the intelligence agencies did not know when financial aid from other countries arrived in the country to carry out violence in the capital ?
  • Harsh action should be taken against the culprits. Government should try that the financial loss incurred in the riots should be recovered from culprits !

New Delhi – Police has informed that a huge amount of financial assistance was given to the rioters for the riots in Dehli, in February.

From the Gulf countries of Oman, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Dubai and Saudi Arabia, a total of ₹ 1,62,46,053 was transferred to the accounts of AAP party councilor Tahir Hussain, his associates Miran Haider, Ishrat Jahan, Shifa ur Rehman and Khalid Saifi. Protests were made at Shaheen bagh and other places against the Citizenship Amendment Act, implemented by the Central Government. This money was spent for the said movement, violence and buying weapons. The police also said that local political leaders were also involved in the riots.