Number of corona patients in the country can be 3.5 million by 1st September ! – Estimate by Indian Institute of Science

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – Indian Institute of Science (IISc.) professors, Shashi Kumar and Deepak S, and their colleagues have predicted that by 1st September, corona infected patients would be more than 35 lakh and there would be 10 lakh active patients (active cases) in the country ..

(Courtesy: NEWS9 live)

According to the study of this institution,

1. By 1st September, the number of patients in Maharashtra may reach 6.30 lakhs, 2.40 lakhs in Delhi, 1.60 lakhs in Tamil Nadu and corona victims in Gujarat may reach 1.80 lakhs

2. By 1st November, there will be 1 crore corona patients in the country and by January 2021, 10 lakh people may have died in the country.

3. If the situation worsens, then by the end of March 2021, there would be 6.20 crore cases of corona in India. During this period, 82 lakh active cases may occur and 28 lakh people may die.



In 24 hours (as of 16th July), 32,695 new patients were found in the country

32,695 new patients have been found in the country (as of 16th July), and this is the highest number of patients found in a day and 606 patients have died. The total number of corona victims in the country has increased to 9,68,876 currently (as of 16th July).