Meerut (Uttar Pradesh) – Religious fanatics murder the temple priest

  • The law and order system in Uttar Pradesh is in shambles. Religious fanatics had killed Saints and Priests in the State, in the past. The killings of Police are happening as well, which   is humiliating for the Police !
  • Realise that the so-called secularists and progressives do not speak about these killings.

Meerut (Uttar Pradesh) – Religious fanatics thrashed and killed the priest Kanti Prasad here at the Shivmandir in Abdullapur Bazar.

Kanti Prasad owns a shop in the Mandir complex. He is the Vice-President of the temple Committee. He used to carry out the cleaning and Puja in the temple. He always adorned a saffron scarf and wore yellow dress. On 13th July, when Kanti Prasad went to pay the electricity bill, Anas Qureshi made an insulting comment about his saffron scarf. When Kanti Prasad objected, he hit him and ran away. Later, Kanti Prasad went to his home and complained. Anas reached home at that moment, he and family members thrashed Kanti Prasad again and Anas ran away.

Police arrested the fanatic after the Devout Hindus staged agitation .

Why the agitation needed ? If the Police do not arrest the culprit after the complaints then  put such Policemen also  behind the bar.

Kanti Prasad was seriously injured in the fight. Relatives admitted him to the hospital. He died during the treatment. Devout Hindus took out a march to the Police station and staged agitation. Later, the Police arrested Anas. The situation is tense and heavy Police force has been deployed.