Imbibe national pride by rejecting foreign slavery !

Inculcate Swadeshi (Indigenous Products)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has recently announced the launch of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan’ (Self-reliant India Campaign). Under this, he has laid special emphasis on the aspect of using ‘locally manufactured’, meaning, ‘indigenous’ products. On this backdrop, we are printing a series of articles, which reveal the true nature of foreign corporate houses and the importance of using indigenous products. This will awaken national pride in everyone besides promoting indigenous products, and the country will once again become self-reliant in the true sense!

Globalisation is profitable only for foreign corporates, not for India

Following are some questions asked by MPs and the answers given by the Government in the Lok Sabha.

A. India has entered into financial agreements with foreign corporations from 1991 to 1997. What is the amount involved ?

Answer : Rs. 94,000 crore

B. How much of it has fructified in the form of actual investments in India ?

Answer : Rs. 19,700 crore

This means that despite so many facilities provided by India, only Rs. 20,000 crore has been invested, and not $ 20,000, that too in the form of only capital investment. This also means the capital investment was only for the benefit of foreign firms and not that of India. No sane country in the world would invest in your country for your benefit.

From 1980, Europe and the US have been facing economic depression, and according to laws of economics, wealth is required to counter this depression. Therefore, if these countries had wealth, they would have used it overcome depression. Why would they invest in India at a loss ? Considering the annual budget of India to be Rs. 2,40,000 crore, foreign investment of just Rs. 3 crore every year is negligible.

Rich countries looting poor countries in the name of globalisation

Replying to another question in the Lok Sabha, the Finance Minister said that from 1991 to 1997, Rs. 34,000 crore were transferred out of the country. This means that these so-called developed countries of the world never give money to poor countries; on the contrary, they take away money from them.

As per a report of the World Trade Organisation, the situation for 1995-96, was as follows.

A. The investment of rich countries in 120 poor countries : $ 500 billion

B. Money transferred from these poor countries to the US and European countries : $ 725 billion

Who is assisting whom ? How has this deceit been going on in the world ?

(Sponsor of ‘Swadeshi Movement’ [Late] Rajiv Dixit, 1997)