Bank accounts of five terrorists, including Hafiz Saeed, restored, after approval from the United Nations

  • Nobody in their right mind would reinstate frozen bank accounts of terrorists. How could United Nations do such a senseless act ?
  • India should reprimand United Nations for restoring the bank account of Mumbai attack mastermind !

Islamabad (Pakistan) – Pakistan had blocked the accounts of Lashkar – e – Taiba (LeT) chief and 26/11 Mumbai attack mastermind, Hafiz Saeed, and 4 other terrorists. Pakistan has now restored these accounts after getting formal approval from the United Nations Sanctions Committee. These include Jamaal – ud – Dawa (JuD) leaders Abdul Salam Bhuttavi, Haji M Ashraf, Yahya Mujahid and Zafar Iqbal, along with Saeed. Presently all others, except Hafiz, are facing sentences in jail. One of them had filed a petition in the United Nations demanding restoration of bank accounts.