Homework to memorise National Anthems of Pakistan and Bangladesh assigned to KG students cancelled after protests by parents in Ghatshila (Jharkhand)

Strict actions should be taken against the teachers who assign such homework !

Why aren’t the licences of schools that sing glory of enemy nations cancelled ?   

Ghatshila (Jharkhand) – Students studying in LKG and UKG at Sant Nandlal Smriti Vidya Mandir were asked to memorise the National Anthem of India as well as of Pakistan and Bangladesh. The parents of the students raised objections against it and asked School management not to teach Pakistan and Bangladesh national anthem, after which the decision was withdrawn. The parents and patriotic individuals have asked to punish the responsible teacher.

Currently due to the Coronavirus outbreak in the country, all classes are now being conducted online using the WhatsApp platform. The teacher Shaila Parveen had asked students to memorise National Anthems and even shared Anthems of these 2 countries in the official WhatsApp group of the class.

It was done to increase the ‘General Knowledge’ of the students ! – Teacher Shaila Parveen

Teacher Shaila Parveen said that the School management’s instructionsshe advised thestudent to memorise the National Anthems. The intention was to increase their General Knowledge. (To increase the general knowledge there are several other things in our country. Doesn’t she know such a simple thing ? – Editor)

Will act after receiving the complaint ! – District Education Officer

Take action against those as well who say ‘Will act after receiving the complaint’ !

‘We have not received any complaint regarding this. If Schools are telling to memorise such things then it is wrong. Indian students cannot be taught Pakistan and Bangladesh National Anthems, and whoever does such things an action will be taken against them.’, said the District Education Officer, Shivendra Kumar.