People weakening the Police Administration by treating criminals of their religion and caste as heroes – DGP Gupteshwar Pandey

The case of killings of eight Police officers at Chaubeypur (Uttar Pradesh)

  • It is disgraceful that the Governments of every party make a false claim to eradicate castes and creed.
  • This is an outcome of not teaching the society about the rights and wrongs for the welfare of the people.
  • Criminals enjoy the support of political leaders and they become a nuisance for Police and society. To prevent it, people should be taught spiritual practice !
Bihar Director General of Police Gupteswar Pandey

Pataliputra (Bihar) – ‘A criminal may belong to any religion or sect, still he is a criminal. Do not turn him into a hero just because he belongs to a particular religion, caste, or sect. People make heroes out of these criminals and undermine the Police and Administration systems’, frankly expressed Bihar DGP Gupteshwar Pandey.

‘The main culprit of the killings of eight policemen in Uttar Pradesh Vikas Dubey is absconding. If he hides in Bihar what will Bihar Police do ?’ A reporter posed this question to DGP Pandey. In his reply, Pandey made these comments reacting to the statement of a person in Uttar Pradesh claiming Dubey is a worker of a particular sect.

Pandey added :

  1. It is dastardly to claim that Dubey is a worker of a sect moreover, protect him. This attitude encourages crimes. Criminals carry out the theft, rapes, kidnapping, murders, and other crimes. The people belonging to the religion and caste of criminals consider these criminals as heroes. If they treat criminals as heroes, garland them, and worship them, the criminal tendencies in the society will rise.
  2. Bihar State Police and Uttar Pradesh State Police are not any different. There is only one Police Department in the entire country. Vikas Dubey is responsible for the murder of eight Policemen in Uttar Pradesh. He is on the run. If he comes to Bihar, and leave safely ? How is that possible ?
  3. If people call Vikas Dubey a ‘lion’, then were Policemen killed in the incident mice ? Nowadays, people treat the criminals and murders as heroes. If Vikas Dubey enters Bihar, ‘we will show him the method of hunting lions.’
  4. If Dubey is a ‘lion’ then who were the freedom fighters ? Supporters of criminals must answer this. People who live and die for the society and country are the real ‘lions’ and heroes.

Police force alone cannot end crimes

‘Police force alone cannot end the crimes. The entire population of the country must unite in the fight against crimes.’ Added DGP Gupteshwar Pandey.