Doubts raised over gangster Vikas Dubey receiving help from more than 200 Police personnel

Massacre of Police in Kanpur

Attempts by the politicians to shield him !

  • Were the senior Police personnel and Ministry of Home Affairs unaware of the fact that more than 200 Police personnel were in contact with a gangster or were they supporting them too ? People feel that CM Yogi Adityanath should order a detailed enquiry and severely punish those found guilty !
  • Police behaving like gangsters ! How can such Police protect civilians ? It is a matter of shame that 8 Police personnel died due to such personnel in the Police Force !
Gangster Vikas Dubey

Kanpur (U.P.) – A few days ago, 8 Police personnel were attacked and killed by the gangster Vikas Dubey and his companions. He escaped after the encounter and Police are still searching for him. Station Officer (SO) Chaubeypur, Vinay Tiwari, was suspended for his alleged involvement in passing on information to Dubey about Police movement and crime has been registered against him. It has come forth in the primary enquiry through the mobile contacts record that around 200 Police personnel including those from Chaubeypur Police station were helping Dubey. These Police personnel helped Dubey from time to time in some or the other way. It is said that Dubey has close relations with some political parties’ leaders such as Communist Party, BJP etc. It is alleged that they were consistently providing him a safe haven.