Pastor burns Hindu Goddess Idol in Arunachal Pradesh

Addressed Hindu Deity as ‘power of enemy’

  • The so-called secularists and progressives would not say anything regarding such incident. However, if it were about the minorities, they would have gone to any length to make a big issue out of it.
  • In Islamic nations if anyone insults Muhammad Paigambar or Quran, then that person is given a death sentence. In Christian majority countries, if Jesus or Bible is insulted then a harsh punishment is given. On the contrary, in a Hindu majority secular India, anyone breaks Hindu Deity’s Idol, burns Hindu Holy Scriptures, denigrate Deities; and none of the Governments utter a word against such incidents. It demonstrates the need for a Hindu Rashtra (Nation).
  • Realise that the Hindu-hating media, which leaves no stone unturned to defame Hindu Saints, are not uttering a word against the Pastor’s actions !

Kameng (Arunachal Pradesh) – An FIR has been lodged against the Pastor of the Pentecostal Church of Seppa, Chatung Sopung, Tali Langro and many others for burning the symbol and Idol of the Goddess Ain Donyi (Mother of the Sun). They said that the actions of the pastor had hurt their religious sentiments. On receiving complaints from local religious organisations of Hindus, an FIR has been filed. (The Police act after Hindus lodge complaints, why don’t they take action on their own in case of such sensitive incidents ? – Editor)

The act of this Pastor has gone viral in social media. In the video, some followers were seen mocking and burning down the icons and Idol of Ain Donyi in the name of Jesus. The Pastor was heard saying in the video, “In the name of Jesus, we destroy the powers of all the enemies.” In the name of Jesus, we burn Idol, bad evil spirit. (The Pastor does not even know that burning of the Deity’s Idol cannot destroy Deity’s power. This act has demonstrated Pastor’s understanding. – Editor)