Nepalese army seize Indian land near the Bihar border

A large contingent of the army deployed on the borders

Mischiefs by Nepal are on the rise. India must take swift and harsh action; otherwise, this issue may cause a severe headache.

Valmiknagar (Bihar) – Nepal seized the Indian territory Susta, moreover, prohibited entry to Indians there. There is a dispute over 7,100 hectares of land in this region. Nepal also claims the Narsahi forest. Nepal moved the Army into this area on the pretext of opening an isolation centre for ‘corona.’

Tents created by China for Nepalese soldiers on the Indian border 

Nepalese Army puts 400 tents on the borders

The Nepal Army built tents at several places on the border. Soldiers carrying weapons occupy these tents. There are about 400 tents in the region. The Nepalese army deployed soldiers at every 100 meters on the borders. Nearly 220 new army check-posts are made ready on the 1,752 km of the border.

Mischiefs by Nepal

1. Nepal blocked two water streams at Bhikhanathodi in the Narkatiyagnaj area. Nepal intends to control the water supply to Indian Army posts; however, the Army gets water supply from tube wells.

2. Nepal commenced construction of a bridge on the Indian side of Gandak riverbank at Susta village. India strongly protested and forced Nepal to stop the work.

3. In June, Nepal objected to a barrage near Triveni bank at Valmikinagar. Stern warning puts an end to Nepalese activities.

4. In the Bhittamod region, Nepal objected to the construction of approach roads by India.

Nepal poses a constant danger of floods in Bihar

Bihar is in danger of floods from the Nepal – India border. The Indian Government takes several measures, in Nepal, to minimize the damage. This year, Nepal objected to the construction of barrages. This will endanger Bihar.