A Muslim girl who adopted Hindu Dharma and married a Hindu boy was tortured by her parents, in U.P

  • She is pregnant with a Hindu child, hence was pressurised for abortion.

  • Husband threatened with dire consequence.

  • Police complaint ineffective. No action by the Police.

Why Uttar Pradesh Police take no action against atrocities by religious fanatics ? Hindu community here feels that Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath should order an inquiry and take strict action against the culprits.

Why the pseudo-secularists are quiet about the barbarity against the Hindu woman ? Why do they not offer her help ? The pseudo-secularists will clamour if a Hindu man harasses a Muslim woman.

Hardoi (U.P) – Kavya Kashyap (Muslim name – Benazir Adil) adopted Hindu Dharma and married Deepak Kashyap as per the Hindu marriage rituals. Her family opposed the marriage. Her mother invited her home, on the pretext of the marriage of her younger sister. Now she does not allow her to return to her in-laws, tortures her, and threatens to kill the foetus. Kavya alleged that her parents threatened to kill her husband if he attempts to take her back. Deepak complained with the Police. The Police did not act on the complaint. Deepak informed the Police Superintendent and requested help. All this was in vain. He alleged that Police Superintendent too did not act to save Kavya.

Kavya called her husband Deepak and informed, “My parents said that Hindus must be destroyed in India. You are pregnant with a Hindu child, you must abort it”.