China illegally captured Rui Village of Nepal !

Why Nepal, which accuses India of intrusion, is quiet on China ? It must tell not only to the world but also to its own Nepali people. Nepal’s patriots should also question the Leftist Government of Nepal on the matter of hiding this from the Nepali people. In view of this incident, it appears that the Nepal Government has become the obedient slave of China.

New Delhi – Nepal has changed its own map by claiming three territories of India as their own; but on the other hand, China by betraying Nepal, captured Rui village in the North Gorkha region of Nepal. The stance of Nepal’s leftist Government of creating border issues with India by claiming three Indian territories has been an eyewash to hide the malicious act of China. Hindi News channel, News24 has reported. Rui village consists of about 72 houses. China to legitimise its control over this village, has removed the pillars situated at borders of Nepal. Even though, this village is presently in Nepal’s map; but China has actually established control over this village.

Historian Ramesh Dhungal told that both the villages Rui and Teigha are located in the northern part of Gorkha District but due to the negligence of the Nepal, these villages are now annexed to Tibet under China’s control. Till now Nepal used to collect revenue here, and Nepal also has its records.