Why no one raises voice against Kashmiri Hindus’ killings ? – Actor Anupam Kher

The condition of Kashmiri Hindus is as it was sometime back

  • Neither Hindus nor any Government till date voiced against the genocide of Hindus.
  • Hindus, realise that if you do not raise the collective voice to support your brethren, you will be the next target of terrorists.
  • In a country with the Hindu-majority, a few extremists enforce displacement of 4.5 lakh Hindus and massacre hundreds. This is a disgrace to the millions of Hindus. When will Hindus shed their inaction ?

New Delhi – Terrorists killed a 40-year-old Sarpanch Ajay Pandita, on 8th  June, at the Larkipora village of Anantnag District in Jammu and Kashmir. Actor Anupam Kher released a video expressing anguish and sorrow over the murder of Ajay Pandita. ‘Why no one raises a voice against killings of Kashmiri Hindus ?’ actor Anupam Kher furiously asked this question. He made this statement in the video released on Twitter. ‘There is no change in the conditions of Kashmiri Hindus’, he further commented.

Expressing the anguish and grief over the killing of Ajay Pandita, he said, “I am furious and sad. The only Kashmiri Hindu Sarpanch in the State shot dead in Anantnag. I pay homage to the deceased. The people who shout at the top of lungs over the frivolous issues are silent today. No one utters a single word against the incident.”