Corona : India surpasses Italy, sixth in the world

New Delhi – India has now reached 6th in the total number of Corona patients in the world, surpassing Italy. India has more than 2,40,000 Corona patients and Italy has 2, 34,531.

(Courtesy :India today)

Death tolls in one-day reaches the highest, 295 patients lost life

India relaxed lockdown restrictions, coinciding with an increase in Corona affected patients. A total number of 295 Corona patients passed away on 5th June. This is the first time India has witnessed maximum deaths in one day.

Corona cases of Maharashtra are 80,229 : Total deaths reached 2,849

Two thousand four hundred and thirty-six new Corona cases were added on 5th June. The new number of total Corona victims reached 80,229. Total 139 patients died in a day. Total deaths are 2,849. Until now, 35,156 recovered successfully, in the State.

 The increment in Corona patients in India is not alarming, however, the risk exists : Says WHO

The rate of increase in Corona cases of India is not high, however this does not reduce the risk, said WHO official, Dr Michel Ryan. He continued, “Doubling period of Corona patients in India is three weeks. It means the spread of Corona is not very rapid. However, we need to be careful.” Community spread of Corona in the countries with dense population will lead to a critical situation.