Each cricket match is fixed ! – Bookie Sanjeev Chawla

  • In spite of this, crores of Indians waste time and money in watching cricket matches !
  •  If this is true, why doesn’t the Government ban such sports ?

New Delhi – Bookie Sanjeev Chawla claimed that ‘each cricket match is like a movie, which is already directed by someone.’ Chawla is a prime accused in the 2000 Hansie Cronje match-fixing case. He revealed the above in the statement given to Delhi Police. He confessed that he was involved in match-fixingsince many years . However he refused to provide further details about this matter. Sanjeev Chawla is at present out of jail on bail.

Chawla revealed that ‘a very big syndicate as well as underworld mafia are involved in match-fixing and they are very dangerous people. If I say anything, I will be killed.’