Vishva Hindu Parishad opposes the illegal conversion of Millenium Park, New Delhi, into a graveyard

Instead, why not turn plots owned by Waqf Board into graveyards ? 

New Delhi – With an increasing number of corona patients succumbing to death daily, in New Delhi and a majority of them being Muslim, graveyards are falling short. Efforts to find alternate plots for graveyards are continuing. Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) has vehemently opposed the proposal to convert Millenium Park in Indraprastha area into a graveyard. In a letter to Anil Baijal, Deputy Governor of Delhi, VHP informed its aversion to the proposal.

VHP alleged that this is a conspiracy of Delhi Waqf Board with the support of some in the Government. VHP asserted in the letter to the Deputy Governor that this is an illegal attempt to occupy the land and has demanded the immediate removal of the board ‘Jadeed Qabristan Ahl-e-Islam’ put on the land.