International Hindu Parishad & Hindu Help Line begins “Temple Liberation movement” in Kerala

It is a matter of shame that Hindus have to implement such a campaign for the protection of Hindu temples in Hindu-majority India.

Kochi (Kerala) – Dr. Praveen Bhai Togadia, president of the International Hindu Parishad (AHP) during the last Sabarimala ritual protection struggle, demanded that the central law be released and the temples should be freed from Devaswom rule and the 1984 Sankaran Nair Commission report be implemented. International Hindu Parishad & Hindu Help Line will begin ‘Temple Liberation Movement’ in Kerala, informed Hari Palode, the Secretary-General of the State, International Hindu Parishad and Binil Somasundaram, the State Coordinator, Hindu Help Line – Kerala in a press note issued here.

AHP & HHL will be taking the following issues :

1. The forcible control of Sriparthasarathy Temple, Guruvayur by Devaswom board.
2. The Government had supported the violation of Sabarimala customs, including assigning Armed Police forces to suppress Ayyappa devotees.
3. Attempts to transfer God’s jewellery from Haripad to Subramanya Swamy Temple strong room to a locker in a bank, against the age-old customs.
4. The Malabar Devaswom Board, which has asked for tender for the sale of fish from the temple pond of Lokanar kavu, Vadakara
5. The Government has taken Rs 5 crore from the Guruvayur Devaswom in the name of Corona crisis
6. Thiruvananthapuram Theerthapada Mandapam was forcibly taken under control by the Government using police force.
7. Now the Travancore Devaswom Board has decided to sell lamps and vessels belonging to temples to overcome the financial crisis due to coronavirus.

The anti-Hindu policies of the Government-sponsored Devaswom Boards of Kerala are increasing day by day. The Devaswom Board should be dissolved and the Centre should pass a legislation handing over the rule to devotees. The Justice Sankaran Nair Commission (1984), recommends that the temple administration be entrusted to the selected committees of the devotees. It has been placed before the State Government for preparing a draft bill. But no politician wants to implement it.

Therefore, if there is some consideration about the Hindus and the temple devotees in Kerala, the Central Government should immediately enact legislation to free the temples from the Devaswom Board and the Government. Many Hindu families are struggling daily and the income of the temples should be utilised for the upliftment of the Hindus. (The temple money should be used only for Hindu Dharma and imparting education on Dharma. – Editor)

The International Hindu Parishad & Hindu Help Line is calling for “liberation of temples” from the hands of politicians and anti-Hindu Devaswom boards. All Hindus and Religious Believers are hereby called to this Movement.