Man showers petals on people outside a liquor shop

Says, ‘Govt. has no money, you are the economy of the country’ !

Should we understand from this incident that the Government gets its revenue only through the sale of liquor, and the taxes paid by the citizens is inconsequential ?

Let us hope an idea that the development of the country can be achieved only through sale of liquor does not take root.

Many de-addiction centres are working in the country through various social organisations. Why do they not raise their voice against such decisions ?
Do housewives also subscribe to this ?

New Delhi – In Chander Nagar here, a man showered flower petals on people standing in a queue outside a liquor shop. “You are the economy of our country, Government does not have any money”, he said to the people.

Soon after liquor shops opened on 5th May morning, thousands turned up to stand in long queues and without following social distancing guidelines. This led the authorities to shut many of the shops in no time.

Officials had painstakingly drawn chalk circles for liquor buyers to stand in, but social distancing efforts were thwarted as people gathered from early morning. Delhi Police suggested that the timings for liquor sale be extended to avoid crowding at the outlets. (Later, it was decided to deliver liquor to buyers at their homes !)