Minorities have no religious freedom in Pakistan ! – Report of the Pakistan Human Rights Commission

  • It is good that the atrocities on Pakistan’s minorities were exposed by its own Human Rights Commission itself. Will the secularists and progressives in India at least now talk about this ?
  • It is expected that the Central Government should take a firm stand on this and give justice to the minority Hindus suffering in hell called Pakistan.

Islamabad (Pakistan) – Pakistan’s law does not allow minorities to enjoy the freedom of religion, according to a 2019 report on human rights released by the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan.

The report states –

  1. Hindus and Christians are being forcibly converted in Sindh and Punjab. They are constantly complaining about this. In Punjab, girls under the age of 14 are converted and forced to marry the Muslim men.
  2. In Sindh, the families of two Hindu girls said that these girls were abducted for marrying them with Muslim men. They were then religiously converted. The Islamabad High Court ruled that the girls were not minors at the time of marriage, so they should be sent to their husbands.
  3. In January, the Supreme Court set up a commission to protect the rights of the minorities. A 22-member committee was set up for this. It was asked to enact a law preventing forced religious conversions.
  4. The incidents of violence against women are on the rise despite the existence of laws to protect woman’s rights. They are discriminated in many areas, including employment, education and politics. Minorities are not given jobs even out of the quota reserved for them.