Russia designs world’s biggest ‘doomsday bomb’ that can be activated remotely

Moscow (Russia) – Russia has designed the world’s biggest dirty “doomsday bomb”, a sleeper weapon on the ocean floor that is activated remotely. Once activated, it has a range of 6,000 miles, travels at 60 mph and a blast that will contaminate large areas of the sea and shore. The deadly Skif missile is nuclear-powered and lies offshore, ready to be used as a last resort to protect Russia if war breaks out between East and West.

This bomb would create devastating and long-lasting damage to the sea and the coastline. If detonated, the device could destroy a number of ships and poison seas around the British Isles or American coast for years.

While dormant, the 25-metre, 100-ton monster can wait for years, lying on the sea-bed as deep as 3,000 feet. As a wartime last resort it could hit ports either side of the Atlantic and could be positioned around the Greenland-Iceland- UK gap and in the North Sea.

Paul Schulte, former UK MoD Arms Control Director, said: “The Skif appears to be a last-resort doomsday weapon, intended to symbolise that Russia ‘can never be defeated’.