Mumbai : Religious fanatics attack Police and pelt stones near Shaheed-e- Azam Mosque Damage to Government vehicles : Only 2 accused are in custody

Is this not an attempt to incite riots ? Why do the channels not take cognisance of such news ? Where are the people now who say that Muslims are being treated unfairly in lockdown ?

The Government and Police should realise that the religious fanatics do not value the Police attending their duties 24/7 who are maintaining law and order in adverse times and thus saving the lives of the common people which is possible.

The public should know what strict action the Government is taking against religious fanatics when cases of attacks on the Police by these religious fanatics are taking place everywhere. It will avoid further attacks.

Mumbai – Some religious fanatics had gathered near the Shaheed Azam Mosque in Shivajinagar area on 26th April. The Police officers and staff were patrolling the area against the backdrop of a lockdown. The mob of religious fanatics did not listen to the instructions of the Police to disperse; on the other hand, they shouted provocative slogans. Moreover, they pelted stones at the Police and also attacked a Policeman with an iron rod. (It is doubtful whether the attack was pre-planned since the religious fanatics attacked the Police with iron rod. – Editor) A case has been registered in Shivajinagar Police station in this regard. The attackers also included 2 women. Some Government vehicles were also damaged during the incident.

The right wrist of the concerned Policeman was injured while avoiding the attack. The Police have arrested only two accused in the case. (It is incomprehensible how only 2 accused were arrested when a mob was involved in the attack on the Policemen ! – Editor)