Babita Phogat gets threats for speaking against Tablighi Jamaat; ‘I stand by what I said’, lashes Phogat

New Delhi – Commonwealth Games gold medalist wrestler Babita Phogat took to Twitter on 17th April to address the social media trolls who have been hitting out at her, demanding that her Twitter account be suspended after she called the ‘Jamaatis’ a bigger problem than coronavirus in India in a tweet.

Babita Phogat started her video message by saying that since she has posted a few tweets about Tablighi Jamaat, people have been sending her improper and spiteful messages, abusing her on Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter. She said that she has also been receiving threat calls, but such trolls cannot intimidate her. Babita added that she has spoken the truth and she stands by what she has said about the Tablighi Jamaat. “Listen carefully and keep this in mind, I am not Zaira Wasim, I am Babita Phogat, I have fought for my country, I will not get bullied, I will keep fighting for my country and keep speaking the truth, I stand by what I said”, Phogat lashed out at all her trolls.

Phogat furthers : “Isn’t it the truth that the Tablighi Jamaat is the super spreader of coronavirus ? Don’t they still head the list of the total number of cases in India ? Had it not been for them India would have contained the pandemic long ago and there wouldn’t have been the need to extend the lockdown. They are the trouble makers and people have to accept this”.

“People who are in a habit of turning away from listening to the truth and have a problem with me speaking the truth should either change their proneness and just accept me the way I am,” said the gold medalist, muffling the voice of her trolls.