Unforgettable pearls of Yogatadnya Dadaji Vaishampayan’s unique teachings to a seeker at the physical, psychological and spiritual levels even at the age of 99 !

On the occassion of Yogatadnya Dadaji Vaishampayan’s 100th Jayanti (Vaishakha Pournima – 7th May)

Yogatadnya Dadaji Vaishampayan

Yogatadnya Dadaji started spiritual practice at the age of 16 in the Himalayas. He had darshan and was in the company of many Saints and Sages such as Hathayogi Balyogiji, Prahladji, Vishwasji, Govindji, Jnanasagarji, Narendra Swamiji. He received Gurumantra from Sadguru H.H. Anand Swamiji, who is residing in the Himalayas. Yogatadnya Dadaji’s Yogasadhana was unique; He acquired 8 Siddhis (Supernatural powers).

Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale

Atul Pawar is a superior disciple moulded by Yogatadnya Dadaji in a short time : Yogatadnya Dadaji had asked for a seeker to serve Him at His place. I wondered who will be able to serve Him in the best possible manner; and then God gave a thought that Atul Pawar would be able to do this. Atul Pawar served Him so well at His place that Dadaji would commend Atul’s efforts often. Atul served Him in the best possible manner only due to the teachings of Yogatadnya Dadaji. I offer gratitude at the Holy feet of Yogatadnya Dadaji a million times for moulding a superior disciple.

– Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale

I had the opportunity to serve Yogatadnya Dadaji only due to Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale’s grace, for which I am grateful at His Holy feet.

I performed the satseva of Yogatadnya Dadaji for 5 years. He was in Nashik during this period. Through a subtle reading, He might have selected me to serve Him, yet, at times I felt that He tested me frequently.

I feel that my Guru Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale and Yogatadnya Dadaji, the One who gave me satseva, have different names but internally they are One. Given here are some points on how Yogatadnya Dadaji taught me and got His satseva done.

1. Yogatadnya Dadaji taught through actions even at the age of 99 years !

1A. Trusting a seeker when teaching how to keep things properly so as to retrieve them in a timely manner when needed : Many important things such as valuables, worship material were kept in the cupboard or underneath Yogatadnya Dadaji’s room. He taught me how to arrange these things. When He would need something or could not find it, He would ask me to look for it. He used to tell me to arrange things kept on the floor. One day He said to me, “I have never allowed anyone to touch these things. I have handled them myself. For the first time, I am letting you handle them”.

After some time, I got so used to arranging His things, that whenever He would need something or a paper which He could not find, He would tell me and I would find it immediately. This happened many times. Then He would say, “You are excellent ! You have impressed me”. And sometimes, if I could not find something. Yogatadnya Dadaji would tell me where to look for it. Even at the age of 99, He had excellent memory.

1B. Teaching how to study before buying anything and then buying it at a reasonable price : When there would be a lot of satseva or if something had to bought from outside, Yogatadnya Dadaji would say to me, “You give priority to only satseva. I will chant on your behalf”.

If something had to bought from outside for Him or someone else, He used to say to me, “First, inquire the price in the market. Go to 2-3 shops and inquire the price. If the price is low, check the quality of the product and only then buy it. Ask the shopkeeper the price of 1 piece, and then ask him for a good price for more quantity. He taught me how to practice thriftiness. When He would give me something to Xerox, He used to ensure that maximum content is accomodated on a page, and no space is going to be wasted.

1C. Teaching how to live in the present and accept God’s planning through the act of looking for a suitable place for Anushthan (A religious performance) : Yogatadnya Dadaji consistently taught me to how to live in the present. Once, He was planning to send me out of town to look for a suitable place for Anushthan. He said, “Go tomorrow without fail”.

Everything was new for me, but all arrangements were taking place automatically, as if Yogatadnya Dadaji was doing everything in the subtle dimension. Later, I made all inquiries such as food and accommodation, attached toilet for the elderly, how to bring Yogatadnya Dadaji, vehicle facility to bring Him, etc.

Then I received a call from Yogatadnya Dadaji, “There is a Divine message from Deities to cancel the Anushthan for the time being, so come back”. Yogatadnya Dadaji’s call had come as soon as I finished gathering all information about the Anushthan ! This indicated that everything was a Divine planning. Yogatadnya Dadaji sending me was just a medium to teach me how to live in the present, obey God’s planning, etc. There are many incidents like this in which Yogatadnya Dadaji taught me how to live in the present. Even though there would be a planning for chanting or Anushthan, many times He asked me to postpone it or change it as per Deities’ messages.

2. Yogatadnya Dadaji’s appreciation of Sanatan’s sanskars and Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale’s teachings

2A. Appreciation of honesty by Yogatadnya Dadaji when money found in the trash bag was returned to Him : A few months after I went to Yogatadnya Dadaji, He gave me a plastic bag filled with some unnecessary material from His room, as well as some old newspapers. He said, “It contains old newspapers. Keep it in the room outside”. I took out the old newspapers from the bag to fold them and keep the bag properly.

When I took out the newspapers, I found a lot of money wrapped in a cloth. I took it with me. I showed it to Yogatadnya Dadaji and said to Him, “I found this money in the plastic bag You gave me”. He said, “How honest of you ! If there was someone else in your place, he would have taken the money. You are wonderful !” He was very appreciative. The appreciation was due to Sanatan’s sanskars and the teachings of Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale. Later, I thought, ‘Maybe Yogatadnya Dadaji tested me because He is Omniscient !’

2B. When the seeker refused to get his future read from an astrologer, Yogatadnya Dadaji (who is Omniscient) praised the seeker saying, ‘You have Divine Energy as well as knack’ : Once Yogatadnya Dadaji and I went by a 4-wheeler just to roam around the Godavarikunda (Water pond) in Nashik. Astrologers sit on this river’s bank near Ramkunda. While in the car, Yogatadnya Dadaji saw an astrologer and said to me, “Call that astrologer. Let us ask him to read my future”. I wondered why Yogatadnya Dadaji was saying this. He knows the future Himself. Yogatadnya Dadaji was saying so maybe because it is the fortune of this astrologer to get Dadaji’s satsang or his past merits.

I parked the car near the astrologer and called him to the car. Yogatadnya Dadaji said to him, “Look at my hand and tell me my future”. The astrologer spoke about His future. Then Dadaji asked me, “Do you want to learn about your future too ?” I replied, “Why will I show my hand when You are with me ? You know everythimg !” He said, “You have Divine Energy as well as knack”.

2C. Yogatadnya Dadaji seconded a seeker who said to Him, ‘You have chosen the right seeker for performing satseva’ : Many seekers used to say to Yogatadnya Dadaji, “Dadaji, You have chosen the right seeker for performing Your sateva. He fits perfectly to Your requirements”. Yogatadnya Dadaji would smile and say, “Yes, he is very honest and smart. His wife is a Saint”. (Atul Pawar’s wife H.H. (Mrs.) Ashwini Pawar is Sanatan’s Saint – Editor)

3. Yogatadnya Dadaji’s remedy to get rid of lethargy

When I would get frustrated or suffer from lethargy, Yogatadnya Dadaji would understand it. He would say to me, “In such a situation, you should quietly close your eyes and remember the form of your favourite Deity, surrender to God and tell Him everything. Worship God mentally. Then the mind will become light and you will receive Chaitanya (Divine consciousness)”.

Yogatadnya Dadaji taught me at the physical, psychological as well as spiritual levels. He was the one who enhanced my physical and mental capabilities and got various satsevas performed through me. He gave me opportunities to perform His satseva and blessed me spiritually. For this, I offer gratitude a million times unto His Holy feet !

– Mr. Atul Pawar, Sanatan Ashram, Devad, Panvel, Maharashtra.

Another great grace Dadaji bestowed on Sanatan is that He accepted Atul Pawar to serve Him, and bestowed infinite grace on him !