Muslim women beaten in Aligarh for not participating in agitation against CAA

This means that the mass protests against CAA by religious fanatics over the past few months in Delhi or UP are being orchestrated by forcing women to participate against their will ! The Government and Police should investigate this and expose those who are behind it.

Aligarh (UP) – More than 6 Muslim women in Shahjmal Mohalla have reported to the Police that some anti-CAA protesters intruded their houses and beat them up for not being involved in the protest against the CAA. ‘At the time of the beating, the anti-CAA protesters were also shouting seditious slogans’, said the women. They have also given the names of some of these slogan-shouting persons to the Police. The Superintendent of Police Muniraj said, “An order has been issued to probe these complaints and action will be taken against the concerned”.