Aligarh : Anti-CAA protesters attack Police for refusing permission to ‘protest’

There seems to be a pattern in these anti-CAA protests being held all over India. These protestors block roads inconveniencing citizens, attack the Police and media, shout anti-national, anti-Hindu slogans, but pseudo-seculars, the so-called intellectuals, Bollywood ‘celebrities’ and ‘secular’ media channels do not cover these facts. Now the Police and Governments should act tough and stop this nuisance of violent protests that is harming the people, society and Nation !

Aligarh (UP) – A 22-year-old man was shot at and injured by a miscreant amid clashes that broke out between anti-CAA protesters and the Police in the old city area here on 23rd February, after incidents of arson and stone-pelting took place, said officials.

The clashes led the Police to fire tear gas shells to disperse the mob indulging in vandalising property and throwing stones at security personnel in upper Kot area of the Kotwali Police station, said Aligarh District Magistrate Chandra Bhushan Singh.

Following the incident of violence, the administration suspended internet services in the city till midnight as a precautionary measure, Singh added. The violence broke out at a spot on the Mohamed Ali Road leading to the Kotwali Police station where some women protesters were holding a sit-in since 22nd February when the Police were trying to evict protesters from there, he said.

He added, “Even as efforts were underway to convince women to leave the area with prominent Muslim citizens of the area, including the Sahar Mufti Abdul Khalid trying to defuse the situation, mayhem broke out and brick-batting started”. The District Magistrate said Police used tear gas shells to disperse the mob. “The electricity department’s transformer was set afire but the Police managed to douse the flames before they could spread”, he said.

There were also reports of injuries to some people in clashes; this is yet to ascertained, said official sources. One of the injured included 22-year-old Tariq, whose father and brother told Police that he suffered bullet injury from a miscreant who opened fire at his brother amid the clashes between the Police and protesters.

The clashes in the old city area broke out shortly after a Bhim Army-led march by hundreds of anti-CAA protesters heading to the District Collectorate earlier were stopped midway by the Police and Rapid Action Force jawans. The protesters, however, headed towards the Eidgah area in the city where another group of anti-CAA women protesters had been holding an indefinite sit-in for the past three weeks.