Police violate Court order, hand over Muslim girl staying with Hindu boyfriend to her father

High Court reprimands the Police

Lucknow (UP) – Disregarding an Allahabad High Court order has proved costly for the Ayodhya Police. The High Court has sternly reprimanded the Police for interfering in the peaceful life of a Hindu boyfriend and a Muslim girlfriend. Violating the Court order, the Police forcibly handed the Muslim girl over to her father. The Hindu boyfriend had sought justice from the High Court. Justice Rajeev Singh of the Lucknow bench has issued summons to Inspector Ramashankar Saroj of the Pura Kalandar Police Station while hearing the contempt petition filed by the boyfriend.

The Hindu petitioner mentioned in his petition, “My Muslim girlfriend’s father opposed our relationship. We both filed a petition in the High Court seeking protection. On 5 March 2024, the Court ordered the Ayodhya Police not to interfere in our peaceful life. Despite the Court’s order, the Police forcibly handed my girlfriend to her father.”

When the Court sought information from the Police, they stated that the girl’s father had filed a complaint.

Editorial Perspectives

  • Hindus expect the Court to not just reprimand but also strictly punish Police officers who disobey Court orders.
  • In many ‘Love Jihad’ cases, relatives of Hindu girls file complaints with the Police, but the Police often ignore them. However, when the situation involves a Hindu boyfriend and a Muslim girlfriend, the Police even violate the Court orders to assist the Muslim side.