India has the potential to stop Russia-Ukraine war : United States

Prime Minister Modi

Washington (USA) – ‘India and the United States are strategic partners, and there is clear communication on every issue between the two nations. Regarding Ukraine, all countries, including India, support efforts to establish lasting peace. Due to the good relations between Russia and India, India is seen as having the potential to control this war. The US believes that India can speak with Russia and has the capability to stop the war,’ expressed the United States of America following the meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow. Modi and Putin discussed the Russia-Ukraine war, during which Prime Minister Modi stated that ‘this is not an era of war’. The US openly supports Ukraine in this war, making its opinion significant.

Editorial Perspective

Does the United States genuinely want the Russia-Ukraine war to stop ? In fact, longer this war lasts, more advantageous it is for the US. The underlying intent of the US is to see Russia face multiple challenges due to this war, thereby benefiting the US.