Complaint filed against a Christian missionary for claiming to heal through miracle

Hyderabad (Telangana) – A Christian missionary has claimed to have cured a girl’s kidney disease through miracle. This little girl was tortured in the name of miracle. She was forced to walk on the stage despite being critically ill, and it was claimed to be a miracle. A complaint has been filed against this missionary. (If a Hindu had claimed to have done such a miracle, there would have been an uproar in the communist media and pseudo seculars would have lynched the Hindu person. To defame Hindu Dharma, this news would have been presented as a ‘breaking news’ on national as well as international level – Editor).

1. Pravin Kumar, a Christian missionary, had circulated a video on YouTube. This video shows the mother of a little girl saying that her daughter was suffering from kidney failure and admitted to the ICU for three days at Nilofer Hospital in Hyderabad.

2. To save her daughter’s life, the woman had brought the girl to the Kalavari Church for a miracle cure. According to the woman, the girl who could barely make any movements, was able to walk.

3. After the video was circulated, the LRPF organisation filed a complaint on 3rd July, against the Christian missionary, for cruel treatment to the sick girl.

4. The complaint is based on the video which clearly shows that the girl was tortured by the Christian missionary. Also, the dignity of the girl was harmed, and privacy violated by posting the video on social media.

5. A similar case was registered against Christian missionary Pravin Kumar and his wife Sharon in 2019.

Editorial Perspective

So-called intellectuals and ANiS members who call Hindu saints imposters and demand action against them, hide in a burrow in such situations.