Free Palestine sign on the roof of the Parliament of Australia

Muslim Woman Member of Parliament suspended

Canberra – In Australia recently, pro-Palestinian protesters hoisted ‘Free Palestine’ placards on the roof of Parliament. According to Australian news channel ABC, 4 people dressed in black quickly entered the parliament and went to the roof and started shouting slogans of ‘Free Palestine’. They were holding placards that read ‘Free Palestine’. Protesters have accused Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese of supporting Israel in the war. The protestors said that the protest will continue. Security personnel escorted the protesters out of Parliament. A few days ago, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s government suspended Muslim MP Fatima Payman from his party. Fatima supported the proposal brought by the ‘Green Party’ of Australia to recognize Palestine as an independent country.

Editorial Perspective

Muslim politicians all over the world support the people of Palestine, forgetting their party and other things. Do Hindu people’s representatives ever unite themselves for the problems of Hindus ?