Maulana dies on the way to the hospital after an accident

Jharkhand Police reject the claim of mob lynching

Ranchi (Jharkhand) – Maulana Shahabuddin, an imam of a mosque in Barakatha, Jharkhand, died on the way to the hospital in a Police vehicle after an accident in which his bike collided with a rickshaw. Jharkhand Police has claimed that there is no religious angle to it; however, some religious fanatics have started spreading the rumour that Maulana was killed by a violent Hindu mob. An account called ‘Hate Detector’ on X started spreading fake propaganda that it was a mob lynching. Shahnawaz Rana, one of the authors of the website, also tried to spread the same fake story.

Even controversial journalist Rana Ayyub has fueled this propaganda and said that mob lynching of Muslims has become so common that it doesn’t even appear in newspapers anymore.

Editorial Perspective

This shows how Hindus could be targeted by giving a communal angle even if a Muslim dies in an accident. Government should put such propaganda peddlers in jail.