Young boy kills a Shia Muslim in Pakistan over blasphemy against prophet Mohammad

Lahore (Pakistan) – On June 23, in the Punjab province of Pakistan, a boy killed a 55-year-old man named Nazir Hussain Shah, accusing him of blasphemy against Prophet Mohammad. This incident occurred in Kunjah, Gujarat, Punjab province. Just a few days ago, a tourist was shot dead in a police station and then burned on the same allegations in Pakistan.

The boy’s father and uncle were speaking against Nazir, which the boy overheard. He then took a knife from home and stabbed Nazir multiple times, killing him on the spot. After this, the boy fled the scene.

The deceased, Nazir Hussain Shah, was a Shia Muslim. Shia Muslims are a minority in Pakistan and are often subjected to persecution, as Pakistan is a Sunni Muslim-majority country.

Who are Shia and Sunni Muslims ?

After the death of prophet Mohammad in 632 AD, those who considered Abu Bakr as the successor of the prophet became known as Sunni Muslims, while those who considered Ali ibn Abi Talib as the successor became known as Shia Muslims.

Editorial Perspective

Muslims engage in violence against the majority where they are a minority, commit genocide against minorities where they are the majority, and where only Muslims exist, they commit violence against each other based on caste and sect.