Imprisonment up to 10 years and fine of Rs 1 crore for those found guilty

Provisions of ‘Public Examinations Act 2024’ implemented in the country

New Delhi – The Modi Government has gone into ‘action mode’ after the revelations of malpractices in the ‘NEET’ and ‘UGC-NET’ exams. The government has taken a big decision and has implemented a strict law to prevent paper leakage. The Union Government has modified the ‘Public Examinations (Prevention of Fair Means) Act, 2024’. The purpose of this anti-paper-cheating law is to prevent paper-cheating and copying in competitive examinations. Under this Act, the offenders face a maximum imprisonment of 10 years and a fine of up to Rs 1 crore. The Parliament had passed the Public Examinations Act 2024 in the month of February

1. Any organized crime committed by the examination conducting body or any other body shall be punishable with imprisonment for a minimum of five years and which may extend to 10 years. Along with this, a fine of Rs 1 crore can also be imposed.

2. The Act also provides for confiscation of assets of any organisation found to be involved in organized paper-splitting and the cost of examination can also be recovered from that organisation. The Act protects the candidates appearing for the examination from penal provisions.

3. Any candidate caught using the wrong route during the examination will be dealt with as per the provisions of the Examination Conducting Organisation.

4. The law prohibits ‘improper means’ including cracking of examination question papers or answer sheets, assisting candidates in the examination through unauthorized means, tampering with computers or other equipment, setting up fake examinees.