Notorious gangster Lawrence Bishnoi made a video call to notorious Pakistani gangster from the jail

He offered greetings on Bakri Eid

Jalandhar (Punjab) – A video has surfaced on the social media, in which a jailed gangster Lawrence Bishnoi is making a video call to Pakistan’s notorious gangster Shahzad Bhatti. This was on 16th June. Lawrence is in Sabarmati jail in Gujarat. The Deputy Superintendent, Paresh Solanki of Sabarmati Central jail said that they were not aware of any such thing, but they would investigate.

The video shows Lawrence wishing Bhatti on Bakri Eid. Bhatti replied that in Pakistan Bakri Eid was on the next day; to which Lawrence answered that he would call to wish next day.

The call was made on Signal App

According to the sources, the video call was made through Signal App, so it is difficult to trace the call. Now the Security is suspecting that Lawrence is steering his gang through this App from the prison itself.

Editorial Perspectives

  • Shame on the prison administration. It is no more a news that the gangsters have access to mobile phones in jail. For an ordinary criminal, Indian jails are like hell but for wealthy criminals the jails have 5-star comforts. It is a shame on all party government.
  • If a gangster in an Indian prison can contact a Pakistani gangster, then it is possible that Jihadi terrorists can contact their kingpins from the jail in the same way.