If BJP had won 400+ seats, Bharat would have been declared a Hindu Rashtra : T Raja Singh, Devout Hindu and MLA, BJP

Rally at Padgha (Bhiwandi)

Devout Hindu and MLA T Raja Singh addressing the gathering

Thane – “If Hindus unite, we can have Hindu Rashtra, but now that doesn’t look like happening. If BJP had won 400 seats in this election, Bharat would have been declared a Hindu Rashtra. I shall continue to make efforts for Hindu Rashtra, till I am alive”, said Telangana (Bhagyanagar) devout Hindu and BJP MLA T Raja Singh at a rally at Padgha area in Bhiwandi. He was speaking here at ‘Sant Sammelan’ and ‘Hindu Dharma Sabha’ organised on behalf of ‘Sakal Hindu Samaj’ on 15th June. Seated on this Dharma Sabha dais were, Baal Yogi Sadanand Maharaj, Mahant Shir Chidanand Saraswati Maharaj, Mahant Sri Phulnath Baba, Sri Shivrupanand Swami and other saints. T Raja Singh said that each Hindu should practise Hindu Dharma, offer himself for the service of the nation and pledge to establish Hindu Rashtra.

Highlights of the speech by T Raja Singh

Hindus should unite to stop Love Jihad

“Hindu young girls and women are facing atrocities; a conspiracy is being hatched to trap them into prostitution. To oppose this conspiracy, society should not get caught into the fallacy of caste, sect, party, state etc. and unite to be a Hindu to come under the saffron flag. Failing to do this, many young girls will fall prey to Love Jihad. Hindu young girls must be awakened regarding this racket and to create this awareness among them the only alternative is to have an effective Hindu organisation. We must pursue the government to pass a law against Love Jihad.

Since 1948, Congress had conspired to convert Bharat into Islamic country in spite of Hindu majority.  In Maharashtra alone thousands of ‘Love Jihad cases have been reported and this treacherous practice is spreading nationwide. If we fight against separate laws for Hindus and Muslims, we can succeed in eradicating Terrorism and Love Jihad.”

Devout Hindus acceding by showing mobile torch lights

The Prime Minister must scrap Waqf Act

“Population Jihad, Love Jihad, Waqf Act for Land Jihad to grab land and convert Bharat into Ghazwa-E-Hind, is a big war to Islamise Bharat. In the entire country 10 lakh acre land and in Maharashtra 1,26000-acre land has already been taken over by the Muslims through Waqf Act. The Prime Minister and the Chief Minister must scrap Waqf Act Board. Hindus deserve to have hospitals, playgrounds, colleges and houses on the land of Waqf Board.”

Only then Hindus will support the Chief Minister

“Today all the forts of Maharashtra are being encroached by religious fanatics. One of such examples is Shri Malang Garh. That place has the samadhi of Machchindranath but it is sheer mockery that Hindus are being told that it is a Dargah. Before the elections the Chief Minister Eknath Shinde must act upon this encroachment and free Shri Malang Garh. Then the Sakal Hindu Samaj will support you.”

Hindus should follow the ideal of Shambhu Raje

“We must remember that this is the land of Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and awaken our Hindutva. If we live, we live like Shambhu Raje and die like Shambhu Raje, every Hindu must have this kind of fervour in him.”

Resolutions passed during the Dharma Sabha

1. Law must be passed against conversion

2. Waqf board Act must be scrapped

3. Law against Love Jihad should be passed

4. Ban cow-slaughter and take stern against the guilty

5. Encroached lands must be taken back