Religious fanatics throw mutilated head of a cow in Jagannath Temple at Ratlam (MP)

Ratlam (Madhya Pradesh) – Two religious fanatics threw mutilated head of a cow in Deity Jagannath Temple in the Jaora area on the night of 14thJune 2024 and ran away from the scene. Many local Hindus held massive protests on hearing about this incident, demanding immediate arrest of the culprits. Following the protests by the enraged Hindus, the Police arrested two accused, named Zakir and Shakir. (It may be noted from this incident that Police take action only when Hindus raise their voice against injustice and atrocities meted out to them – Editor).

When the priest of Jagannath Mahadev Temple reached temple premises in the morning, he saw the mutilated severed head of a calf covered with blood. He immediately informed the Police and locals about the incident. The news created a wave of anger among Hindus. The activists of pro-Hindu organisations and devotees rushed to the temple. The people closed down Jaora Market and staged demonstrations. They reached Jaora Police Station to file a complaint and demanded immediate arrest of the guilty.

The police took the accused into custody from their house.

The Police checked CCTV footage to identify the accused and based on this, they arrested Zakir and Shakir from their respective homes. Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), Rakesh Khakha, informed that the houses of the accused were illegally constructed and have been demolished with the help of the District Administration using bulldozer.

Editorial Perspective

Hindu hatred flows through the veins of such religious fanatics. Action should be taken against such, so that nobody dares to hurt the Hindu religious sentiments.