Laughing at God is not blasphemy : Pope Francis

Pope expressed their opinion during a discussion with comedians

Rome (Italy) – Pope Francis, the supreme leader of Christians, interacted with 100 famous artists from the US and Europe. These included comedians, actors and writers. Famous American artists Whoopi Goldberg, Jimmy Fallon, Conan O’Brien, Chris Rock and Stephen Colbert were also a part of this meeting. Pope Francis answered the questions asked by comedians during the meeting. When asked whether we can laugh at God, Pope said, ‘Of course we can laugh. This is not blasphemy against God. We can joke in the same way we play and joke with the people we love.

Pope added

1. Good humour does not offend, humiliate, or put people down according to their flaws. There are many examples of good humour in Jewish literature.

2. What I am saying is not untrue. When you (artists) try to bring smiles to the faces of countless people, you automatically make God smile too.

Editorial Perspective

If Christians listen to the Pope and make fun of Jesus Christ or Mother Mary, that is their view, however, if anyone insults the Deities or Saints of Hindus, Hindus will never accept it !