‘Tipu Sultan’ party gets hundreds of votes from Maharashtra in the Lok Sabha elections

Mumbai – ‘Tipu Sultan Party’, operating in the name of cruel Tipu Sultan, contested the Lok Sabha elections in Maharashtra and secured 978 votes, the election results revealed. This party has tried to enter Maharashtra through the Lok Sabha elections. ‘Tipu Sultan Party’ is registered with the Election Commission of India.

Javed Salid Syed contested this election on the ticket of ‘Tipu Sultan Party’. This party has been working since June 2019. Prof. Sheikh Sadeq is the National President of this party. The activities of this party are going on in Maharashtra in the guise of objectives such as making India a superpower, making the country alcohol-free, and eradicating casteism. The party has declared that it is working for the welfare of minorities and Dalits.

Javed Salid Syed contested the elections through the Tipu Sultan Party.

Opposition to the CAA and NRC

The party strongly opposed the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the National Register of Citizens (NRC). The party also functions to some extent in Maharashtra. Since Tipu Sultan Brigade is quite actively operating in Beed District, this party’s candidate was fielded in the Lok Sabha elections from Beed. Tipu Sultan was glorified by this party as an ‘ideal emperor’.

Not an Emperor, but a Jihadi Tipu Sultan

Hyder Ali, an officer in the army of the Hindu kings of Mysuru, treacherously usurped the Hindu king’s kingdom. After Hyder Ali’s death, the Hindu kingdom of Mysuru came to his son Tipu Sultan. As soon as he came to power, Tipu promised in his council to convert all Kafirs (Hindus) into Muslims. Several villages were converted by his written orders. Hindus who did not voluntarily convert to Islam were forcibly circumcised and Hindu women were distributed among Muslims. Tipu converted 1 lakh Hindus in Malabar. More than 8 thousand temples were demolished during Tipu’s regime. He forcibly converted 40 lakh Hindus.

Editorial Perspective

The existence of a party in the name of ‘Tipu Sultan’, who has committed endless atrocities against Hindus, is a warning bell for Hindus.