No provision for Hindu, Christian and other minorities in Pakistan’s budget

Islamabad (Pakistan) – Pakistan has not introduced any welfare scheme for minorities like Hindus and Christians in its budget for the year 2024-25. No provision, even worth a single rupee has been made this time. In last year’s budget, a nominal provision of 10 crore Pakistani rupees was made for minorities. This time, however, fund allocation has been increased for the Ministry of Religious Affairs, which is functioning to promote Muslim fundamentalism.

The budget for human rights has also been drastically cut. A provision of 10 crore 40 lakh Pakistani rupees has been made for the year 2024-25. Last year this provision was Rs 81 crore 40 lakh.

Editorial Perspective

Pakistan is treating all its minorities like beggars, and yet it spreads the propaganda globally that ‘the condition of Muslims in India is bad’. India needs to raise its voice about this.